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Wedding Dog Sitter in Basel

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By: Paw & Property

It is the most beautiful time of the year and it is time to get ready for the most important event of a lifetime: Your wedding! As a former wedding and event manager of the most luxurious hotel in Basel I understand the needs of wedding couples and their guests – the ones with two AND with four legs.

Your wedding guests will travel from far (or near) to attend this truly special day of yours. They will probably arrive one day before the celebrations to explore the river city of Basel with its culinary jewels. In the morning of the wedding you will prepare for the ceremony while your guests walk or drive to the venue. Everything is neatly timed and feels just perfect because someone created a plan for this special day for the whole past year now. But in the back of your head you ask yourself: Will I be able to take my dog with me the whole day?

Your guests will cheer with the wedding couple, shed a tear or two and take pictures for a lifelong memory. There will be church bells, cheers, laughter and hugs. Lots of flowers and more champagne. Finally it will be time for the thoughtfully prepared and exquisite menu alongside once-in-a-lifetime entertainment. Can your dog handle all that or would you rather he can enjoy the day as much as you do?

Treat your dog to an exclusive Dog Daycare for the wedding day!

Do not worry, your dog will not feel as if he missed out on anything! Treat your pooch to a daycare with us, where we spend quality time outside and inside, playing and exercising, meeting other dogs or going for a swim. With us your dog can rest comfortably and process the impressions of the day. We keep him company until you are ready to take over again. Your dog will have an unforgettable experience tailored to his needs and throughout the day you will receive regular photo and video updates if desired to let you be a part of his adventures while you are enjoying yours.

We are centrally located in Basel-City. Bring your dog in the morning along with anything he might need for the day and let him be picked up in the evening, it is that easy! Now you can really enjoy the wedding without worries.

Contact us today and book your Dog Daycare for your wedding!

Of course your guests would like to bring presents to your wedding. Have a look at our newest collection of dog accessories and furniture, maybe you would like one or two to your list!