Easter Holiday

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By: Paw & Property

With Easter holidays around the corner and the weather getting warmer most countries have lifted their travel restrictions.

After a long winter the Easter holidays have finally arrived and now is the perfect time for you and your family to explore whilst we stay in Basel and take care of your pets! Up until recently we have predominantly been associated with canine and feline care but in fact we love all animals and make no exceptions when it comes to your personal pet needs.

That goes for rabbits, bunnies, mice, degus and everything in between! We guarantee they won’t miss out on any meals and that their runs, ramps and enclosures are in place and secure so you can have a worry-free vacation!

Rodents are sensitive and cautious animals by nature so any changes to their environment can startle them. This is why we keep the routines exactly according to your personal preferences and instructions.

How does it work?

First and foremost we go through all the feeding and care instructions on-site, prepare checklists and discuss all details thoroughly. As you are getting ready to leave for your vacation you stock up on fresh salad and veggies in the fridge and make sure that pads, hay and everything required for the duration of the assignment is provided for. Don’t worry, should the fresh food run out – we also have a service for that.

We use the provided key to access your home, if desired we also empty your mailbox and place all your mail neatly stacked on your kitchen table. We enter the room where you keep your pets and check that everything is in order, then we get started with food prep. We rinse and cut fresh salad and vegetables, refresh the water bowls, hay and dry food, as well as provide a few pea flakes or other snacks, all according to your instructions. We also remove any breakfast or dinner leftovers as well as clean up the enclosure. Depending on your needs we will do a more thorough cleanup or just the corners as well as changing the Guinea Pads.

After we are done we switch off the lights, lock and leave, until we come back for the next feeding session. When it‘s time for you to return we will hand over the key and send you a final invoice and receipts for any fresh food purchases. The invoice for the pet care assignment is paid for in advance and you will receive daily updates from home either via email or text message.

That’s your personal “at home pet care“ service in a nutshell and it‘s really that simple!

Now, click on the contact form, drop us a message and we look forward to having a conversation about your pet care needs. If you are curious to see what an assignment might look like, please have a look at our social media account on Instagram, where we have posted a few videos from our previous assignments.

See you soon!