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Dog Products

maisonBo by Paw & Property

At Paw & Property we believe that pets deserve the same level of comfort and sophistication as their human companions. Our brand maisonBo is dedicated to creating beautiful homes for your beloved cats and dogs, where every accessory and piece of furniture seamlessly blends style and functionality.

Our curated collection features exquisite designs that harmonize with your home decor. From sleek cat trees to elegant dog beds, each piece is meticulously crafted to be an eye-catcher in any room. We understand that pet accessories should serve a purpose beyond aesthetics. That’s why we decided to work with the renowned family business from Hamburg, MiaCara, to offer products that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional. Whether it’s a scratching post or a cozy pet cave, maisonBo ensures that your furry friends enjoy both comfort and utility.

Discover the exclusive maisonBo range today and create a space where style meets practicality – a place where your pets feel cared for and your home remains beautifully balanced.

maisonBo & MiaCara

Designer products for Cats & Dogs


Tova Cat Placemat

CHF 35.00

Barca Dog Bed

Starting from: CHF 375.00
Volpe Activity Toy

Volpe Activity Toy

CHF 35.00

Sito Insert

CHF 30.00

Covo Cat Lounge

CHF 575.00

Cesto Cat Basket

CHF 125.00

Tova Dog Placemat

Starting from: CHF 35.00

Unica Dog Blanket

Starting from: CHF 40.00

Calma Cat Bed Hexagon

CHF 155.00

Scodella Cat Bowl

CHF 45.00

Sito Litter Box

CHF 425.00
Cesto Basket

Cesto Dog Toy Basket

CHF 125.00
Play_Ramo_Slate (1)

Ramo Fetch Toy

CHF 30.00

Trogolo Trough

CHF 185.00

Lana Cat Blanket

CHF 65.00

Unica Cat Blanket

CHF 45.00


CHF 125.00

Perla Cat Cave

CHF 325.00

Letto dayBed

CHF 1'100.00

Torre Scratching Post

Starting from: CHF 650.00

Coppa Treat Jar

CHF 75.00

Piatto Cat Bowl

CHF 75.00

Fresco Cat Bowl

CHF 75.00

Lento Slow Feeding Insert

Starting from: CHF 30.00

Strada travelBed

Starting from: CHF 145.00

Lana Cushion

CHF 50.00

Coppa Dog Bowl

Starting from: CHF 65.00

Tavoletta Bowl Set

Starting from: CHF 165.00

Doppio Tray

Starting from: CHF 45.00

Pelo Dog Brush

CHF 40.00

Lana Dog Blanket

Starting from: CHF 75.00

Doppio Bowl Set

Starting from: CHF 125.00

Cosmo travelBed

Starting from: CHF 175.00

Cono Activity Toy

CHF 35.00

Pesce Activity Toy

CHF 35.00

Dado Activity Toy

CHF 35.00

Lana Cat Bed

CHF 145.00
Arco_Cat_Feeder_HPL_Grau 2

Arco Cat Feeder

Starting from: CHF 225.00

Covo Dog Lounge

CHF 525.00

Stella Lounge Cushion

Starting from: CHF 225.00

Linea Quilted Blanket

Starting from: CHF 95.00

Mare Dog Bed

Starting from: CHF 265.00

Arco Dog Feeder

Starting from: CHF 225.00

Desco Cat Feeder

Starting from: CHF 165.00