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By: Paw & Property

Another year in the books and the beginning of a new chapter with lots of exciting adventures ahead of us!


The Swiss pet market is growing and each year more households decide to get a pet. More than 1.72 million cats and half a million dogs live in Switzerland. The number of rabbits, birds, reptiles, rodents, and birds in Switzerland ranges somewhere from 148,000 to 389,000 animals each. The most numerous ones in Swiss households are Fish in aquariums and ponds, numbering about 2.9 million and about 1.1 million, respectively.


According to Amicus/Identitas at least one pet lives in 44 percent of Swiss households. Of these, those with cats (65 percent of pet households) and dogs (31 percent) make up the largest share. The market for dogs is constantly growing and with it the need for dog care services. We noticed a significant upwards trend in our booking requests in the previous years.

Last year we had the privilege to get to know lots of new pets here in Basel. There were the usual suspects of furry canine and feline friends but also a very dynamic group of degus. The market for more exotic pets that require specific enclosures and more attention is also on an upwards growing trend as households, a lot due to Covid-19, spend more time at home and find new creative hobbies instead of spending their spare time traveling.


The difficulty is to keep up the pet routines when circumstances change. When we begin returning to our physical workplaces, we also spend more time commuting and we are not as flexible anymore with walks, feeding and upkeep. This is where Paw & Property can make a difference. To summarize 2021 we had 24 different assignments ranging from one visit per assignment up to 19 consecutive visits. The reasons for our clients were both business and pleasure, within the borders of Switzerland as well as abroad. No matter the reason for our clients, for us it was a pleasure and we loved providing affection and care when our clients weren’t there.


Please contact us for more information about your personal pet service options for 2024.