10 reasons why to book Paw & Property

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By: Paw & Property

  1. Trusted
    Our business model is built and focused on trusted and successful long-term partnerships. We want you to be able to leave your keys with us, knowing that your pets and your home are well taken care of.
  2. Exclusive
    We focus on delivering high quality services. In Switzerland there are 1.7 million households with pets. This makes up for 44% of all the households, almost half of the households in Switzerland. We are not able to provide our services everywhere, but focus on a significantly smaller area and the individual needs of our selected clients.
  3. Personal
    This means for longer bookings we can also assist with handling parcel deliveries or provide basic plant and property care if needed for the entire duration of our assignment. Think of our service as a tailored solution where we can adjust according to any of your and your pet‘s needs.
  4. Discrete
    All our clients who have booked us over the years live busy lives and most of them even travel abroad on a regular basis. We stand for a high level of discretion in regards to safeguarding our clients‘ privacy. All client information is confidential and stays that way.
  5. Reputable
    Just ask anyone. That‘s right. There is no information about our clients anywhere online, except a few short client feedbacks and pet photos that were given to us in full consent. That is how serious we are about discretion.
  6. Passionate
    Yes, we speak animal. Over the years we have learned how to gain trust and affection from any animal. There is nothing in this world that can uplift your spirit as much as pets being silly. We cannot emphasize enough how much value these assignments pose in our lives as well.
  7. Dedicated
    We want to continue to grow our business in Switzerland, we put only the best of efforts into each and every assignment and we count on your feedback. We know that if the pets are happy, you are happy and that this in return will provide us with more referrals and more business opportunities.
  8. Professional
    At the beginning of every assignment there is a meet and greet where we provide all necessary information, contracts, checklists and payment options. There is a daily communication exchange (all subject to request) and we also document feeding routines and other activities throughout the assignment.
  9. Experienced
    In the past we have cared for animals of all sizes, whether it has been bovine, equestrian, feline, canine, amphibian, rodentian, piscis or aves. In one case we even cared for all of them at once, 50 animals in total, when the owners had to leave their estate for six weeks to travel abroad.
  10. Local
    We currently provide our services locally in the 4052 Basel, Switzerland area. This gives us flexibility and in most cases allows us to schedule assignments with our clients on a regular and short notice basis.